Big Time Drills
  1. 40/40 Tee Drill
  2. 40/40 Double Tee Drill
  3. 40/40 Front Toss
  4. 40/40 Angle Front Toss
  5. 40/40 Ladder Toss
  6. 40/40 Back Toss
  7. 40/40 Front Foot Tire Drill
  8. 40/40 Back Foot Tire Drill
To avoid chipping and flaking, we recommend that you tape the "sweet spot" on the barrel with white athletic tape.  This will greatly enhance the life of the 40/40 Bat.  Remember, Big Time Baseball bats are designed for front toss and soft toss drills ONLY.  Short toss BP or regular batting practice will break the bats because of their length and weight distribution.

To avoid serious injury, make sure you use the protective screens and nets during all drill work.  Keep you arms, legs and head behind the screen when doing any drill work.

Drill series and coaching tips are mailed with each 40/40 training bat purchased.
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