Big Time Endorsements

What Top D-1 Coaches are Saying!

"The 40/40 gives the hitter instant feedback."
"A great teaching tool for the player that wants to become a professional hitter."
"The 40/40 promotes and develops a shorter swing."
"The 40/40 is a must for all young hitters."
"One of the best teaching devices on the market."
"A revolutionary teaching aid."
"The 40/40 forces the hitter to take a shorter path to the ball."
"Drills are easy to teach."
"40/40 bats are affordable."
"The 40/40 bat works!!!"

"The 40/40 bats are the finest teaching tool that I've seen in my 25 years of coaching college baseball.  Our players use the 40/40 bats in our hitting drills everyday.  We led the Big 12 Conference in hitting in 2004 and broke the University of Kansas single season homerun record as well.  I highly recommend the 40/40 bat to every coach who wants to improve his team's ability to hit."

Ritch Price
Retired Head Baseball Coach
University of Kansas
2006 Big 12 Champions
All-Time Winningest Baseball Coach at the University of Kansas

"We have used Big Time Baseball bats in our cage drills when I was at Cal. The best offensive years ever. They help develop an inside path to the ball as well as general strength. I love them."
David Esquer
Head Baseball Coach
Stanford University

"We use the 40/40 bats everyday to enhance our hitters' stroke development.  The 40/40 bats give our players instant feedback and allows our kids to feel and make adjustments on their own.  I can not recommend the 40/40 enough, it is affordable and can be used in a variety of different drills."

Reggie Christiansen
Head Baseball Coach
Sacramento State University

"A revolutionary teaching aid.  I would recommend the 40/40 to any player who is serious about becoming an outstanding hitter."

Bob Whalen
Head Baseball Coach
Dartmouth College

"We use the 36/36, 38/38, and 40/40 in our drill work daily.  The player’s love the instant feedback that they get as soon as they swing the bat.  I recommend the 40/40 bat to any coach who is trying to enhance power development in their players."

Steve Browning
Head Baseball Coach
Southern Arkansas University

"We use the 36/36 and 38/38 in our daily hitting routine.  They have
helped our fast pitch hitters develop a much more short consistent swing and understand how the swing works.  They allow each hitter to 'feel' the swing, get instant feedback from the bats, and understand how to make adjustments on their own.  It was a difficult task at the beginning to find a way to sell our team on how they will benefit from the use of the heavy bats, mostly because it made them uncomfortable.  But, the results have made them believers, and don't think they would go a day without swinging one of them."
Ryan Jacobs
Head Softball Coach
University of Northern Iowa

“We’ve really been impressed with the results, confidence and improved understanding of the feel for staying inside the ball that our players have gained through the use of these bats!  They have been a great addition to the drill work we do daily with our hitters.”
Gary Powers
Retired Head Baseball Coach
University of Nevada
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